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Attract Clients & Customers [Ocean]
Attract Clients & Customers [Rain]
Attract Clients & Customers [White Noise]
Attract Clients & Customers [Ocean]

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  1. I am a naturally energetic person.
  2. I have endless amounts of energy.
  3. I feel energized.
  4. I feel completely alert and focused.
  5. I am focused on the task at hand.
  6. I generate energy all day long from within.
  7. I find it easy to be energized and focused.
  8. I am extremely energetic.
  9. I have so much energy and passion for my life.
  10. I feel more energized with every breath I take.
  11. I feel rested and energetic.
  12. I am reinvigorated every moment of the day.
  13. With every breath I take, I am breathing new energy into my body.
  14. I find it easy to focus on the task at hand.
  15. Others notice and admire how energetic I am.
  16. I feel myself becoming more energetic with every passing day.
  17. I wake up full of energy and enthusiasm for my life.
  18. I release all negative thoughts that are draining my energy.
  19. I feel re-energized by my own positive thoughts.
  20. I clear my mind of all excess baggage and clutter. I feel completely clear-headed and focused.
  21. I focus only on the things I can control in my life.
  22. I feel at peace and deeply relaxed in my body.
  23. I have deep, natural energy reserves that spring up in my mind any time I need them.