Powerful Subliminal for Money Attraction - Fast & Effective

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you life-changing money attraction tips that will help you shift your energy and attract huge amounts of money into your life in as soon as a single day.

I’ll also be sharing with you an extremely powerful subliminal for money attraction you can use to completely shift your energy around finances to manifest the abundance you desire in life.

Money Attraction 101: The Basics

Money is like a powerful stream that can flow in both directions.

When it’s flowing away from you, it can feel like it’s running out fast.

Bills pile up on the counter, unexpected expenses seem to pop up out of nowhere, and every time you check your bank account balance it seems impossibly low.

What most people don’t realize is that this stream of money can just as easily flow in the opposite direction — toward you, instead of away from you.

Just like you may have felt like there were holes in your pockets in the past that money was constantly escaping through, you can start experiencing so much abundance it feels as if money is coming to you in literal avalanches of wealth.

So the obvious question is: how do we turn the tides of this “stream of money” to get it flowing into your bank account?

The Law of Attraction & Money

According to the law of attraction, the thoughts we think cause us to attract (or repel) everything in our lives. The same is true when it comes to money.

If we think predominantly positive thoughts about money, we continue to attract more and more of it into our lives.

On the flip side, when our thoughts about money are negative we will radiate an energy that always repels it away from us.

This is the reason so many lottery winners go broke.

If they attracted this huge amount of money but then continued to think predominantly negative thoughts about finances, those negative thoughts caused them to repel the millions of dollars just as quickly as they attracted it.

The amazing thing about the law of attraction is you don’t need to hold out for a lottery win or billion-dollar business idea — as soon as you start changing your thoughts (and therefore your energy) around money, you will instantly begin attracting more of it from the most unexpected places.

When you start using the money attraction tip I’m about to share with you, you have the ability to literally “name your price” and attract any amount of money you want in life.

#1 Money Attraction Tip: Think of Money as Energy

Remember our illustration from earlier: money is a stream that flows in both directions.

Our world has been so steeped in poverty mentality that most of us have forgotten that we are actually supposed to be wealthy.

We are supposed to thrive in all aspects, including our finances.

It is your destiny to experience all the best life has to offer, which requires you to have the money to purchase those experiences.

Most people’s negative thoughts about money come from a total misunderstanding of what money truly is.

You may have been raised to believe money is “evil”, “hard to come by”, “has to be earned”, or “changes people for the worse”.

In order to start attracting the kind of money you want in life, you have to find a way to throw out all these negative ideas about money and instead start seeing money simply as an energy.

Money is neither good nor bad, it is neither right nor wrong — it is nothing more or less than energy.

The problem is, many of these negative thoughts preventing money attraction are deeply rooted within our subconscious minds.

These negative habits of thinking often come from early childhood.

When our parents, teachers and peers spoke negatively about money day in and day out, those thoughts slowly began to sink into our own subconscious brains and take root there.

Now, as adults, we are left with the painful recurring patterns of poverty that seem to play out in our lives on an unstoppable loop.

Little do most people realize, these “poverty patterns” are only a result of the patterns in our subconscious mind and can be changed just as easily as they were created.

How Subliminals Can Turn You Into a “Money Magnet”

This is why subliminal affirmations are so powerful when it comes to attracting money.

Subliminals work by completely rewiring the subconscious part of the brain, which is the part of the brain controlling 95% of our thoughts, actions and outcomes in life.

We have created a powerful subliminal audio track for money attraction that will help you weed out these negative thoughts about money and replace them with a powerful, positive wealth mentality that will turn you into a magnet for abundance.

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