Subliminal for Throat Chakra Activation

This subliminal contains:

  • binaural beats that resonate with the natural frequency of the throat chakra in its fully healed + activated state
  • 20 subliminal affirmations containing messages targeted to clear, open, heal & balance the throat chakra


Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • uproot + clear any throat chakra blockages
  • radiate vibrant throat chakra energy
  • speak clearly and confidently
  • become an excellent communicator + listener
  • fully reconnect with inner voice and intuition
  • confidently share thoughts and ideas with others
  • eliminate any negative inner dialogue / self-talk
  • develop a strong sense of self and individualism
  • allow creative energy + emotions to flow freely
  • become a master at sensing the truth in self and in others
  • act, think and speak with total authenticity 


Available Background Sounds: Meditation Music, Rain Sounds, Ocean Waves, White Noise

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