Subliminal to Send a Mental Message to Twin Flame

Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • strengthen the natural telepathic connection that exists between you & your twin flame
  • deepen the mental bond you share with your twin flame
  • hear your twin flame’s voice in your mind and vice versa
  • send any specific mental message to your twin flame [meditate on this message while listening to transfer it]
  • telepathically communicate with your twin flame at any time instantaneously
  • open a channel of mental communication between you & your twin flame that will allow you to speak telepathically to one another
  • cause your twin flame to think about you in this very moment
  • tap into your intuitive abilities to sense your twin flame’s thoughts & feelings
  • be able to read your twin flame’s energy from afar
  • built-in twin flame distance healing to heal your connection through mental communication
  • connect with your higher self that is always in communication with your twin flame’s higher self
  • your twin flame will sense this message in the form of positive, loving & healing energy
  • cause your twin flame to feel warm, loving energies transferring from you energetically

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