Subliminal for Divine Masculine Awakening


Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • balance & heal the Divine Masculine energies within
  • radiate magnetic, attractive, god-force energy with every cell of your being
  • shift the balance of romantic connection with divine counterpart by internally harmonizing the masculine-feminine 
  • heal any residual "Mother Wound" or "Father Wound", or other childhood programming preventing the Divine Masculine activation
  • feel confident and calm in all situations and interactions with others
  • receive forward momentum & deep-level motivation to take action on your goals, dreams and desires
  • feel completely grounded and centered at every moment of the day
  • connect easily with others & feel supported and loved by those around you
  • magnetically attract authentic success 
  • attract abundance, meaningful connection, and leadership opportunities through your Divine Masculine magnetism
  • step into your true power and potential as a fully healed, whole Divine Masculine being 


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