Subliminal to Get Your Ex Back

Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • rekindle your relationship with an ex
  • radiate an energetic signal of love to your ex
  • cause your ex to begin thinking about you all the time
  • cause your ex to wonder how you've been and desire to reconnect
  • manifest communication from your ex in the form of text message, phone call or in-person communication
  • create a brand new, improved relationship between you and your ex
  • cause your ex to reminisce your past together and long for a future with you
  • clear away all past negative energies between you and your ex
  • create a clear, fresh energetic environment in which you and your ex can build a brand new relationship
  • deepen your sense of self-love and inner confidence¬†
  • open a clear channel of communication between you and your ex

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