Subliminal for Twin Flame Heart Chakra Activation


Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • dissolve any energetic blockages in your heart chakra preventing you from fully giving or receiving love 
  • strengthen the invisible "silver cord" running between the heart centers of you and your twin flame
  • clear away any resentments, negative feelings or past pain between you and your twin flame, allowing you to step into a fresh & loving future
  • open a clear channel of heart energy between you and your twin flame, allowing for the easy & effortless exchange of love 
  • amplify love energies internally, externally and in all areas of your life
  • cause your twin flame to instantaneously feel the love energy you are radiating toward them through the heart center
  • cultivate a bond of deep, pure & unconditional love between you and your twin flame that magnetizes you together in physical reunion


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