STEP #1: Review our Listening Tips page to get started.

STEP #2: Browse through the different background sounds available by using the skip buttons on the audio player, as pictured below. 

Alternatively, you can see all available background sounds by tapping on the name of the subliminal here:

STEP #3: Select the background sound you like best and start listening. Please note that the affirmations + binaural beat frequencies are identical regardless of which background track you choose.

STEP #4 [Optional]: Save your favorite subliminals to a playlist by clicking the plus (+) icon on the audio player.

When you save a subliminal to a playlist, it will queue up the next track automatically and play on an endless loop. 

To see all the playlists you've created, click the playlist icon pictured below.

If you still have questions, explore our "Frequently Asked Questions" page for more information.