Subliminal for Lottery Jackpot Win

Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • become the luckiest person on the planet
  • release all money blockages
  • receive huge amounts of money into your bank account
  • win the PowerBall, MegaMillions and other lottery jackpots
  • be the big jackpot winner
  • win multi-millions of dollars in the lottery
  • win big on lottery scratch off tickets all the time
  • live a wealthy and luxurious lifestyle
  • manifest the money and life of your dreams
  • bank account has millions of dollars in it
  • feel confident & secure about money
  • become an expert at managing large sums of money
  • attract wealth, luck & success everywhere you go
  • everything you touch turns to gold
  • no negative outcomes from winning the lottery
  • stay completely anonymous after winning the lottery
  • manage your lottery money perfectly
  • be completely immune to hate, negativity, lawsuits, and media harassment
  • have endless amounts of money for the rest of your life
  • family and friends are all super supportive & genuinely happy for you
  • become the smartest, happiest, most successful lottery winner in history

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