Subliminal for Twin Flame Surrender

This subliminal contains:

  • binaural beats to release any fears + anxieties + negative energies preventing full release and surrender in the twin flame connection
  • 26 subliminal affirmations to deeply reprogram the subconscious mind into a total "surrender state" as a twin flame


Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • realign the vibration of your being with total trust + acceptance
  • release all fears, anxieties and doubts surrounding the twin flame connection
  • relax into total "surrender state" as a twin flame
  • fully trust the divine timing + unfolding of the twin flame connection
  • open the way for effortless flow of unconditional love energy between you & your twin flame
  • strengthen the energetic bond between you & your twin flame
  • shift into a state of balance that your twin will unconsciously feel & respond to over time
  • create an "energetic union" in the 5D between yourself & your twin flame which will lay the foundation for a physical reunion in the 3D


Available Background Sounds: Meditation Music, Rain Sounds, Ocean Waves, White Noise

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