Subliminal for Beautiful Face

Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • big, full and plump lips
  • perfectly straight & white teeth
  • million-dollar smile
  • extremely photogenic smile
  • smile looks perfect in all photos & videos
  • eyes are big, wide & stunningly beautiful
  • thick & full eyelashes
  • eyelashes perfectly accentuate your eyes
  • sculpt your eyebrows to perfection
  • small, attractive nose
  • manifest your ideal nose
  • reshape and define your jawline
  • jawline of a supermodel
  • face structure of a supermodel
  • defined, attractive cheekbones
  • clear the whites of your eyes & brighten the color of your eyes
  • soft, smooth skin on your face
  • burn away all excess fat on your face
  • face is perfectly symmetrical

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