Subliminal for Ultimate Facelift

Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • ultimate, total face glow up
  • erase any fine lines & wrinkles on the face
  • remove any unwanted moles or blemishes 
  • make your face bright and radiant
  • big, wide & extremely beautiful eyes
  • brighten the color of your eyes
  • plump your lips for a big, full appearance
  • stunningly gorgeous face
  • high & prominent cheekbones
  • perfectly defined jawline
  • the face structure of a supermodel
  • perfectly symmetrical face
  • white & straight teeth
  • million-dollar smile
  • extremely photogenic smile
  • cheeks are perfectly rosy & young-looking
  • turn back the clock, making your face look younger every day
  • face has a completely rested & relaxed appearance
  • others notice and admire your beautiful face
  • super thick eyelashes
  • perfect eyebrows that accentuate your eyes
  • feel extremely confident about your face

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