Subliminal for New Moon Energy Clearing

This subliminal contains:

  • binaural beat frequency associated with clearing any residual negative energies 
  • 27 embedded, spoken affirmations that contain messages targeted to harness the power of the New Moon energies to clear the past + step into a brand new, ideal version of yourself and your life


Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • ground + clear your energy in the time period around a new moon
  • release any residual negative thoughts or energies from the past
  • let go of any connections, things or people that no longer serve you
  • build soul-deep confidence in yourself and your dreams
  • step into a bright, beautiful & fresh future
  • surround yourself with light, love and positive energy
  • radiate love inward to every cell of your being
  • reinforce the divine protection always protecting + guiding you forward
  • deepen your sense of total self-love and love for others
  • harness the power of the New Moon energies toward any new project, goal, dream or desire


Available Background Sounds: Classical Music, Meditation Music, Rain Sounds, Ocean Waves, White Noise

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