Subliminal for Solar Plexus Chakra Activation

This subliminal contains:

  • 4 binaural beats that resonate with the natural frequency of the solar plexus chakra in its fully healed + activated state
  • 30 subliminal affirmations containing messages targeted to clear, open, heal & balance the solar plexus chakra


Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • uproot + clear any solar plexus chakra blockages
  • deepen sense of inner power 
  • cultivate soul-deep confidence that naturally exudes outward
  • feel secure and confident in romantic connections
  • release all feelings of indecisiveness, helplessness & insecurity
  • have the confidence to take action on goals + dreams
  • create & hold strong boundaries with others
  • develop a strong sense of self and individualism
  • cultivate total self-trust and ability to trust others
  • increase energy, motivation and confidence in daily life
  • choose & strengthen healthier relationships with others
  • amplify sense of self-esteem more every day
  • create a strong aura that is unstoppable, untouchable & fiercely authentic


Available Background Sounds: Meditation Music, Rain Sounds, Ocean Waves, White Noise, Binaural Beats 

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