Subliminal for Happiness Booster

Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • dissolve negative thought patterns deeply entrenched in the subconscious that may be preventing you from feeling happy
  • naturally see yourself and your life in an optimistic way
  • become a more positive person
  • feel happiness every moment of the day
  • overcome all obstacles with grace & ease
  • release any blockages around your worthiness of joy and fulfillment
  • train your brain to effortlessly reach for happier thoughts
  • increase your sense of control in your life
  • start¬†pursuing and achieving your dreams in life
  • increase your sense of self-worth
  • attract positive people & relationships
  • make more positive choices in your life that lead to a happier mind and body
  • transform into the happiest version of yourself
  • start seeing your dreams manifest around you
  • sense of deep inner joy increases every day

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