Subliminal to Become a Passive Income Millionaire

Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • create multiple streams of income in your life
  • earn money while you sleep
  • generate huge amounts of money with little to no effort
  • dissolve negative thoughts and ideas about money that are preventing you from creating limitless passive income
  • generate thousands of dollars a day in passive income
  • brilliant new passive income ideas burst into your mind
  • you are always motivated to act on your passive income ideas
  • perfect environment in your life for total abundance
  • million-dollar passive income ideas are coming to you all the time
  • radiate an extremely wealthy & abundant energy
  • release blockages of self-doubt and unworthiness
  • massive amounts of money¬†are always flowing into your life
  • reawaken¬†to the knowledge that you are worthy of a lifestyle of total abundance and prosperity

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