Subliminal for Twin Flame Reunion

Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • reunite with twin flame in the physical world
  • heal the runner / chaser dynamic forever
  • release energies of “push” and “pull” between you & your twin flame
  • open your twin flame’s heart to the connection
  • clear any heart chakra blockages preventing twin flame reunion
  • balance divine feminine & divine masculine energy
  • expand love energies
  • deepen the energetic ties between you & your twin flame
  • feel a deeper sense of connection to your twin flame
  • your twin flame instantly senses you
  • instantly sense your twin flame’s energetic presence
  • connect with your twin flame in dreams, meditation & through intuition
  • heal your twin flame through dreams
  • detox & cleanse your twin flame relationship of all negative energies
  • clear out any 3rd parties or other interference in your union
  • reunite permanently with your twin flame in the physical
  • come together with your twin flame in the most miraculous way
  • includes binaural beat frequencies associated with amplifying love & deepening the twin flame connection
  • strengthen the mutual bond of deep trust, love & passion between you and your twin flame

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