Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are subliminals?

A. Subliminals are audio meditation tracks that contain spoken affirmations along with other meditation sounds. Each of our subliminals also contains at least one binaural beat frequency that is associated with the change/shift targeted by that specific track. 

Unlike traditional, spoken affirmations, you cannot consciously hear the messages while listening to subliminals. This is by design -- you can read more about how subliminals work by reading the answer to the next question!


Q. How do subliminals work?

A. If you're familiar with spoken affirmations, subliminals are like that -- except in this case, the affirmations are targeted to the subconscious mind rather than being targeted to the conscious mind. 

The conscious mind is believed to filter out the affirmations we say aloud or hear consciously, which is why subliminals are designed to mask the messages between other meditation sounds and frequencies.

This "masking" effect is intended to allow the affirmations to bypass the conscious mind, while making better impressions on the unconscious parts of the brain. 

It is said that the subconscious mind is the "powerhouse of manifestation" because research has shown that it controls 95% of our thoughts. According to the Law of Attraction, this means that the thoughts in the subconscious mind dominate our "vibration" and play a major role in what we attract into our lives. 


Q. Why can't I hear the affirmations when I listen? All I hear are the background sounds.

A. Subliminals are designed in a way so that your conscious mind can't clearly hear the messages, which is believed to allow these affirmations to bypass the filter of the conscious mind and make deeper, more lasting impressions upon the subconscious. 

This is why so many people experience far better results with subliminals than traditional, spoken affirmations. Unlike spoken affirmations [which are directed to the conscious mind], subliminals are believed to directly impact the subconscious, which controls 95% of our thoughts, actions & outcomes in life. 


Q. What volume should I listen at?

A. Ideally, subliminals should be listened to at a low, comfortable volume. While it's okay if you can hear an occasional word or phrase from the affirmations, you should not be able to consciously hear full sentences. If you can hear the entire affirmations within the track, the volume may be too loud. 


Q. Can I listen to more than one subliminal in the same day?

A. Yes, you can absolutely listen to multiple different subliminals throughout the day. It isn't necessary to listen to the same track over and over, although people do report better results when they listen consistently.


Q. How frequently should I listen to a certain subliminal in order to see results?

A. This varies from person to person because everyone has varying levels of belief and doubt that can affect the manifestation of certain changes in their lives. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend listening consistently [at least one listening session per day, if possible] for 21 days before taking score of results. This is because research has shown it usually takes approximately 21 days for us to form a new habit - in this case, a new habit loop of subconscious thought.


Q. Why isn't my playlist looping?

A. Because of recent iPhone/Android updates, playlists on some devices may not loop while the phone screen is locked. 

On these devices, in order for playlists to loop the phone screen must be unlocked and the Sound & Soulful playlists page must be open in order for looping to continue.

Here are instructions for temporarily turning off your automatic phone lock screen:

Turn off lock screen on iPhone:

Turn off lock screen on Android:,news-21217.html

We do apologize for this inconvenience and it will be fixed in our new website/mobile app being launched in late 2022. Stay tuned!


Q. Is it possible to "overdo" listening to subliminals? What is the upper limit of how much I should listen per day?

A. While there is no official "upper limit" when it comes to listening to subliminals, sometimes when you first start listening you may need to take breaks between sessions in order to allow your mind to fully process and absorb the messages without becoming overworked.

Some people's minds are more receptive to subliminals and they do not need these "breaks", while others may only be able to listen for 10-20 minutes per day at first. Always use your own intuition as a guide when it comes to determining how long you'd like to listen. 


Q. Is it normal to get weird physical sensations while listening [tingling, buzzing, heaviness, etc.]?

A. Some people report strange physical sensations such as tingling, pressure or a "buzzing" sensation when they first start listening to subliminals. Know that these are perfectly normal experiences as long as you are feeling positive shifts and not experiencing any discomfort. 


Q. Do I have to meditate or visualize while I listen to subliminals?

A. No, it isn't necessary to meditate or visualize while listening. However, usually people report experiencing some of the best results while listening during a meditation or visualization practice. 


Q. When is the best time to listen to subliminals?

A. The ideal times to listen to subliminals are: immediately after awakening in the morning, immediately prior to falling asleep at night, and overnight while you sleep. This is because during these times, it is believed that the conscious mind is in its most dormant state and therefore the subconscious mind is the most wide open and impressionable. 

That being said, many of our customers see great results from listening throughout the day as well - there is no perfect / "right" way to use subliminals so you can choose to listen in whatever way works best for you personally. 


Q. Is it okay to listen to subliminals while doing other things throughout the day?

A. Yes! It is perfectly fine to listen to subliminals, especially while doing semi-mindless tasks [getting ready in the morning, walking, cleaning, etc.] However, you should not listen to subliminals [or any meditative audio track] while driving or operating machinery. Only listen when you can safely relax.


Q. What if I fall asleep while listening to a subliminal?

A. It's absolutely okay to fall asleep while listening. In fact, this is believed to be one of the best ways to change the thoughts in your subconscious mind and one of the most popular subliminal listening methods. 


Q. How can I cancel my account?

A. You can cancel your account at any time by visiting the Account page on our website while logged in. When you scroll down, you will see the words "Cancel Membership". You can click on these words in order to cancel your account immediately.


Q. How can I reactivate my account after I cancel?

A. If you had a previous membership with us and you cancelled but would like to reactivate your account now, you can easily do so by following these steps:

  1. Log into your account as usual.
  2. Visit the Sign Up page of our website while logged in.
  3. Fill out the sign up form [just like you did when you first created your account].
  4. When you submit the form, a box will pop up that you can use to enter your updated card information and reactivate your account.


Q. What is the cost of membership? How often will I be charged?

A. The cost of membership is $19.99 per month, charged once monthly. When you first sign up, there is a 7-day free trial period. If you do not cancel your accoun within the 7-day trial period, your card will be charged for your first month's membership at the end of the free trial.