Subliminal to Become a Star Athlete

Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • endless amounts of endurance
  • fast muscle recovery
  • grow muscle extremely fast
  • work out body all the perfect ways at the gym
  • become a star athlete
  • become the best athlete on the planet
  • talent at any and all sports
  • learn new exercises in a millisecond
  • execute every exercise perfectly
  • total body control during athletic competitions
  • perfect muscle memory in athletics
  • best hand-eye coordination in the world
  • run a 4 minute mile
  • run faster than lightning
  • run extremely fast
  • endless endurance while running
  • every muscle in your body is toned & strong
  • others notice & compliment your athletic skills
  • attain & maintain your ideal body effortlessly
  • your team wins every game
  • 1st place in every competition
  • overcome subconscious beliefs

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