Subliminal for Eternal Youth

Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • reverse the aging process
  • eliminate all fine lines
  • erase wrinkles from head to toe
  • look younger every second
  • feel young & energetic
  • wake up looking younger every day
  • others notice & compliment how young you look
  • body is perfectly nourished & strong
  • feel vibrant and excited about life
  • have a youthful personality
  • skin is soft, smooth & radiant
  • skin has a youthful glow
  • overcome negative subconscious beliefs about aging
  • eliminate body aches & pains
  • eliminate the effects of aging
  • bright & youthful eyes
  • very young-looking face
  • thick, glossy & healthy hair
  • hair is vibrant and full of color
  • joints work perfectly
  • back is pain-free
  • release stress & tension in the body
  • others mistake you for being much younger

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