Subliminal To Become YouTube Famous

Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • attract 1 million subscribers
  • get the YouTube golden play button award
  • every video gets millions of views
  • every video gets millions of likes
  • every video has a 100% like to dislike ratio
  • millions of supportive & adoring fans
  • millions of followers on all social media platforms
  • attract the attention of your favorite famous YouTubers
  • become a world-famous YouTuber
  • become the most successful person on YouTube
  • have a long, successful & perfect YouTube career
  • total immunity to all drama
  • total immunity to hate, hackers & stalkers
  • total immunity to being “cancelled”
  • everyone loves and adores your YouTube videos
  • professional video filming skills
  • professional lighting in videos
  • all videos look perfect
  • professional video editing skills
  • attract high quality equipment [camera, microphone, lighting]
  • all videos have the perfect background
  • create eye-catching thumbnails
  • famous celebrities share & promote your videos
  • attract thousands of subscribers a day
  • channel is growing exponentially
  • YouTube algorithm loves & promotes your videos
  • look extremely photogenic in all YouTube videos
  • release negative subconscious blockages

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