Subliminal for Ultimate Alchemist Transformation

Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • transform you into the ultimate alchemist of your own world
  • boost your confidence in your own limitless creative power
  • cause you to feel completely relaxed & confident in all situations
  • cause you to radiate a powerful, magnetic and attractive energy
  • deepen your relationships
  • attract your soul tribe of friends 
  • cause you to always be attractive to those you are attracted to
  • give you your ideal body weight, shape and size
  • manifest your absolutely ideal body
  • cause you to effortlessly reach & maintain your ideal weight
  • become the most amazing conversationalist
  • hypnotic voice and eyes
  • extremely attractive face, body and smile
  • generate endless amounts of money doing what you love
  • always receive unexpected gifts and money
  • money is deposited into your bank account like magic
  • become the happiest, most successful & most powerful version of yourself
  • love yourself and others fully, deeply and completely
  • create anything you want in life instantaneously
  • create money out of thin air
  • all your wishes come true instantly
  • step into the life of your dreams
  • attract your ideal soulmate relationship
  • travel the world with your soulmate
  • others love being around you
  • everything always works out perfectly for you 

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