Subliminal to Release Emotional Eating Triggers

Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • stop emotional eating
  • heal negative subconscious patterns that keep you turning to food for relief
  • naturally make healthy food choices
  • make the perfect food choices to reach your ideal body
  • eat foods that nourish, strengthen & heal your body
  • naturally motivate yourself to any diet or way of eating
  • love the taste of healthy foods
  • reach and maintain your ideal weight through eating
  • feel better than ever before as a result of healthier eating
  • tap into your deep reserves of natural energy and motivation
  • stop binge eating
  • release any & all unhealthy eating patterns
  • become the healthiest person you know
  • dissolve negative feelings that cause you to over-eat
  • attract endless amounts of health & vitality into your life
  • never again fail on a diet or eating plan
  • lose weight naturally until reaching your goal weight

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