Subliminal for Heart Chakra Activation


Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • uproot + clear all heart chakra blockages preventing the flow of love energy in and out of the heart center
  • amplify love energy in every cell of your being
  • integrate deep, unconditional love for yourself + total mind-body-soul confidence
  • magnetize your energy field with love energy
  • create a forcefield of love that surrounds, protects and guides you in every moment
  • release any resentments from the past, preventing you from clearly channeling love energy
  • allow you to quickly + easily process all intense emotional energies moving through the heart center during your heart chakra awakening
  • attract authentic, heart-centered abundance, wealth and material success
  • call in your twin flame or ideal soulmate love relationship¬†
  • connect with your soul tribe in the physical, 3D world
  • become a powerful master of manifesting all your heart's desires by channeling heart chakra energy


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