Subliminal to Become a World-Famous Singer

Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • unique & mesmerizing singing voice
  • hit any note 
  • hold any note forever
  • perfect airflow & breath support while singing
  • huge vocal range
  • become the best singer on the planet
  • attract attention from major record labels
  • attract attention from music producers
  • earn millions of dollars from your singing
  • perfectly balanced vocal weight
  • write #1 hit songs
  • harmonize perfectly to anything
  • sing confidently in front of others
  • angelic & pure voice
  • sound flawless on all recordings and videos
  • gorgeous vocal texture
  • attract massive amounts of followers
  • become social media famous for singing
  • become a world-famous, world-touring singer
  • get signed to a record label
  • have perfect rhythm & amazing vibrato
  • sing with perfect pitch
  • supportive and admiring fanbase 

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