Subliminal to Manifest Your Crush

Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • there is a romantic "spark" between you and your crush
  • you run into your crush at all the perfect times and places
  • you and your crush are brought closer together
  • radiate a powerful signal of love energy to your crush
  • your crush begins thinking of you throughout the day
  • share dream experiences with your crush
  • amplify your physical attractiveness in your crush's eyes
  • you become irresistibly attractive to your crush
  • there is a bond of mutual passion, love and connection between you and your crush
  • open a clear channel of communication between you and your crush
  • your crush feels the urge to call & text you frequently
  • your crush begins seeing you in a romantic light
  • powerful "eye contact" bond between you and your crush that causes them to keep looking & staring at you
  • lay the energetic groundwork for a romantic, loving and passion-filled relationship with your crush in the future
  • you and your crush have meaningful and memorable conversations

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