Subliminal for 7 Chakra Twin Flame Clearing

This subliminal contains:

  • 7 binaural beat frequencies associated with each of the main energetic centers in the body [chakras]
  • 100+ affirmations directed to each individual chakra, containing messages targeted to dissolving any potential twin flame blockages 


Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • dissolve negative beliefs that are preventing your twin flame union
  • resolve fears, insecurities and anxieties regarding your twin flame connection that are stored in the 7 chakras
  • cause you to feel deeply secure and confident with your twin flame
  • deepen the energetic bond between you and your twin flame, regardless of what is standing between you [physical distance, no contact, etc.]
  • heal your twin flame connection in whatever ways it has been damaged
  • provide deep emotional self-healing that will cause you to come into closer harmony with your twin flame
  • balance the divine feminine and divine masculine energies within your twin flame connection


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