Subliminal for Ideal Boyfriend

Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • your crushes always like you back
  • attract your ideal boyfriend
  • meet your boyfriend in the most perfect way
  • have a fairytale romance
  • boyfriend is extremely attracted to you just as you are
  • boyfriend that loves and admires you completely
  • men you are attracted to will always be attracted to you back
  • have an immediate connection with your ideal boyfriend
  • only attract men who desire a long-term commitment
  • boyfriend that is completely loyal & trustworthy
  • deep bond of mutual love, attraction & respect between you and your boyfriend
  • boyfriend that showers you with compliments, gifts and affection
  • you are your boyfriend's #1 priority
  • your parents and siblings love your boyfriend
  • guys feel comfortable around you and are attracted to you
  • you are attractive, funny and interesting to talk to 
  • boyfriend that treats you like a queen
  • boyfriend that loves spending time with you 

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