Subliminal for 7 Chakra Money Clearing

This subliminal contains:

  • 7 binaural beat frequencies associated with each of the main energetic centers [chakras] in the body
  • 100+ affirmations directed to each individual chakra that contain positive messages targeted to release any potential money-related blockages or negative belief patterns
  • messages related to unlocking abundance mentality by activating energies of wealth in all 7 chakras


Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • magnetize your entire energy field for attractive wealth + abundance
  • dissolve negative belief patterns about money stored within the subconscious mind
  • clear away any energetic blockages preventing the effortless flow of wealth 
  • feel confident, safe and secure about finances
  • attract money effortlessly & achieve total abundance of mind, body and soul
  • generate brilliant money-making ideas and feel inspired to take action on them
  • release any fears or anxieties connected to money that are preventing you from attracting it easily
  • take quantum leaps toward your money goals
  • step into the wealthiest, richest & most abundant version of yourself


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