Subliminal to Open Twin Flame Communication

This subliminal contains:

  • soothing meditation sounds + affirmations associated with opening a clear line of communication in the physical world between you & your twin flame
  • 29 spoken affirmations with messages targeted to clear any energetic blocks communication in the 3D with your twin flame


Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • clear energetic blocks preventing communication with twin flame
  • radiate a signal of love to twin flame that deepens the heart connection
  • communicate more clearly & openly with twin flame through dreams & telepathy
  • manifest 3D communication from twin flame [text message, phone call, etc]
  • align physical paths with twin flame to open the way for a meeting in the physical world
  • release any subconscious negativity blocking the transmission + reception of twin flame communication in the 3D
  • have easy, meaningful and authentic 3D communication with twin flame
  • cause twin flame to feel the desire to reach out & connect in some way in the physical world


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