Subliminal for Parallel Reality Shifting

Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • shift you into your desired reality
  • make an instantaneous shift into a parallel reality
  • contains super powerful reality shifting frequencies + affirmations
  • shift overnight while you sleep
  • shift into a desired scenario or situation
  • get your desired outcome in a situation
  • manifest anything you desire
  • become anything you desire in life
  • step into your dream life effortlessly
  • become a master at shifting realities instantly and at-will
  • shifting is easy & natural for you
  • be completely in control of your reality shifts
  • instantly raise your vibrations
  • easily envision your new reality
  • completely erase your old reality
  • perfectly emanate the frequency you desire
  • tap into your full creative power & potential
  • overcome subconscious blockages preventing reality shifting

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