Subliminal to Become a Famous Actor

Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • amazing acting skills
  • perfect facial expressions while acting
  • display any emotion on command
  • improvise perfectly & naturally
  • super photogenic on camera & on-stage
  • always land major acting roles
  • have a hugely successful acting career
  • land your dream acting roles
  • work with famous directors
  • attract attention from acting talent scouts & agents
  • become a world-famous actor
  • be the most talented & famous actor on the planet
  • feel totally comfortable acting on camera and in front of an audience
  • speak & act with total confidence
  • perfect body movements while acting
  • memorize new lines in a millisecond
  • earn millions of dollars a year from acting
  • become an A-list celebrity
  • always be the “perfect fit” for the roles you desire
  • embody any character flawlessly
  • release all stage fright & acting anxiety
  • live your dream life as an actor
  • meet & befriend famous celebrities
  • attract massive amounts of fame and success for acting

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