Subliminal to Become Social Media Famous

Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • rapidly increase your social media following across all platforms
  • attract attention from your favorite celebrities
  • attract attention & deals from major companies and corporations [movie roles, record deals, modeling contracts, sponsorships, etc.]
  • create relatable, engaging content that always attracts a huge audience
  • look extremely photogenic in all photos and videos you post online
  • turn you into a world-famous social media celebrity
  • attract huge amounts of fame and wealth into your life
  • have millions of followers on all major social media platforms [Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.]
  • become a celebrity fast
  • be completely immune to all hateful comments & haters
  • inspire millions of people with your work / content
  • attract millions of likes, views, followers & subscribers
  • use your platform as a positive force for good on the planet
  • be completely immune to hackers [always have total control over your posts & accounts]
  • look, feel and act like a famous celebrity
  • attract millions of adoring fans from all over the world

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