Subliminal for Astral Projection

Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • clear negative, worrying and distracting thoughts that may be "anchoring" the consciousness to the body and preventing astral projection
  • deeply cleanse and clear the mind, body and soul to pave the way for a positive astral projection experience
  • eliminate any negative thoughts related to astral projection that could potentially cause a negative or unwanted out-of-body experience
  • assist you in setting a powerful, positive intention for your astral travel
  • manifest all your heart's dreams and desires overnight
  • always have positive and inspiring astral projection experiences
  • be in complete control while astral projecting
  • astral project naturally, easily & effortlessly
  • use astral projection to manifest any desire by using your subconscious mind to gather all tools, resources and knowledge you need as you sleep
  • awaken full of motivation, energy and divine inspiration to help you reach your goals

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