Powerful Subliminal for Dancing

Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • become a world-famous dancer
  • know the perfect dance move in a millisecond
  • learn any new dance move in a second
  • perfect muscle memory while dancing
  • move your body in any way imaginable
  • look extremely attractive while dancing
  • be a natural-born dancer
  • every muscle in your body is completely flexible
  • social media fame for dancing
  • earn millions of dollars a year dancing
  • remember any dance after seeing it once
  • others notice & admire your dancing
  • receive endless compliments for your dancing
  • anyone who watches you dance is mesmerized
  • dance confidently in front of millions
  • eliminate all stage fright while dancing
  • become the best dancer on the planet
  • dance to any song perfectly
  • perfect rhythm while dancing
  • dance perfectly at any speed
  • dance to any musical genre

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