"On day 1 I created my free account and started listening to the subliminal messages that I was interested in. I find them very soothing and energizing depending on which message I am listening to. 

The 7 Chakra Money Clearing resulted in 2 new Real Estate clients contacting the next day. The Channel Creative Genius has resulted in multiple creative ideas for my Spiritual Coaching business and an invitation to guest speak at a local Unity Church that I attend.

I love all the the Twin Flame messages and the Awakened Divine Feminine and Heart Activation Chakra are my favorites. I feel more love and peace in my spirit after listening to them."

- Sheryl A.


"I have been listening to subliminals for a month now and I have been seeing changes. My sales have been picking up in my business since listening to the 'Attract Customers' subliminal. I feel more motivated to do more with my business and the results are amazing. I definitely believe in the power of this and I love it!"

- Nicole A. 


"I wanted to thank you for your wonderful subliminals, which I have been using daily for basically a month and I've seen such an improvement in my mood and energy level, it's quite amazing!"

- Mariella Z.


"I have been doing a lot of different subliminals but have been consistently doing three weeks of both twin flame chakra blockages and twin flame open the heart chakra

I can say that it has opened the lines of telepathic communication between me and my twin flame again. We are now in constant telepathic communication. There is also remote touching which I at first found weird and scary. But now I got used to it and feel close to him.

During meditation with these subliminals I also experienced past life regressions with my twin flame. So this is powerful stuff!"

- Sophie A.