Subliminal for Desired Voice

Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • desired speaking voice
  • desired accent
  • a voice that can hypnotize others
  • your ideal perfect voice
  • infuse your words with the perfect amount of emotion
  • captivate others with your voice
  • others love listening to your voice
  • healthy & strong vocal cords
  • clear out any imbalances in vocal cords / voice
  • extremely sexy & attractive voice
  • feminine, soft and light voice
  • voice with a slight, sexy rasp to it 
  • supernaturally beautiful voice
  • vocal texture that is smooth as silk
  • others love & admire your voice
  • speak confidently and clearly
  • the voice of an angel
  • super cute voice
  • speak with flawless pronunciation
  • amazing laugh
  • ethereal voice

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