Subliminal for Lucid Dreaming

Messages contained in the affirmations:

  • induce a lucid dream as soon as tonight
  • build your confidence in your lucid dreaming abilities
  • have perfect memory of your lucid dream experiences when you wake up
  • visit anyone in their dreams
  • do, be or have anything in your dreams
  • meet your spirit guides in your dreams
  • receive answers to any question in your dream
  • find solution to any problem in your dream
  • use your dream experiences to manifest your dreams in real life
  • have conscious OBEs [Out of Body Experiences] whenever you want
  • become a master at astral traveling
  • astral travel at-will
  • be fully aware and in-control during all your dreams
  • lucid dreaming is always easy for you
  • release any blockages preventing lucid dreams

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