▶︎ Subliminal to Clear Twin Flame Blockages from all 7 Chakras

The tracks below all contain the same binaural beat frequencies and subliminal affirmations. 

These tracks are equally powerful & effective. The only difference between the tracks are the background meditation sounds.

Select your preferred ambient background noise and start listening. ☺︎





Ocean Waves


White Noise 



  1. My crush is thinking about me all the time.
  2. My crush is always talking about me to their friends.
  3. The people I am attracted to are always attracted to me back.
  4. I am extremely attractive at all levels of my being.
  5. I radiate confidence and attractiveness all day long.
  6. I can now sense my crush thinking about me all the time.
  7. My crush dreams about me every single night.
  8. My crush and I meet each other in our dreams all the time.
  9. My crush and I are always having shared dream experiences.
  10. I am now opening a clear channel of communication between me and my crush.
  11. I radiate unconditional love to my crush all day long.
  12. I love and accept my crush exactly as they are.
  13. My crush is falling more in love with me every day.
  14. My crush is thinking about me every second.
  15. I know my crush is falling more in love with me every second.
  16. My crush looks at me and stares at me all the time.
  17. I have an amazing connection with my crush.
  18. My crush and I have the most amazing chemistry.
  19. My crush and I have the best conversations.
  20. My crush always loves talking to me.
  21. My crush is now texting me all the time.
  22. I now see my phone lighting up with my crush’s name.
  23. My crush follows me on all Instagram.
  24. My crush adds me on Snapchat.
  25. My crush sends me a friend request on Facebook.
  26. My crush follows me on Twitter.
  27. My crush is following me on all social media.
  28. I am confident that my crush likes me back.
  29. The romantic connection between me and my crush is growing stronger day by day.
  30. My crush is always thinking about me in a romantic light.
  31. My crush wants to ask me out on dates all the time.
  32. I now see and feel my crush asking me out on a date.
  33. I know my crush is going to ask me out on a date.
  34. I see myself going on the most amazing date with my crush.
  35. My crush loves the sound of my voice.
  36. My crush loves and adores everything about me.
  37. Everything I say or do makes my crush fall harder in love with me.
  38. My crush only has eyes for me.
  39. My crush and I have a strong telepathic connection.
  40. My crush and I are always communicating through our thoughts.
  41. My crush thinks I am the most attractive person on the planet.
  42. My crush is extremely attracted to me at all levels of my being.
  43. My crush is physically, romantically, mentally and emotionally attracted to me.
  44. My crush longs for a romantic relationship with me.
  45. My crush is always thinking about texting and calling me.
  46. My crush always starts conversations first.
  47. I always know the perfect thing to say to my crush.
  48. Conversations with my crush are amazing and flow so naturally.
  49. I believe in the power of this subliminal.
  50. I can now feel my crush falling in love with me as a result of listening to this subliminal.
  51. I listen to this subliminal frequently.
  52. I always see amazing results from listening to this subliminal.
  53. I believe I can use the power of the mind to make my crush fall in love with me.
  54. I release all negative blockages and beliefs. I believe with all my heart and soul that my crush is falling in love with me.

Listening Tips:

1. Do 2-3 listening sessions minimum per day.

The best times to listen to subliminal affirmations are right before falling asleep and right after awakening. 

This is because the conscious mind is more dormant during these times and therefore the subconscious is more active and impressionable.

2. Drink water while you listen.

As Dr. Emoto's reserach proves, water is capable of absorbing the energies around it and has very transformative properties.

Taking sips of water while you listen may help bring about transformations faster.

3. Listen with headphones.

This is the single most important tip. The only way to receive the full effect of the binaural beats embedded in this track is to listen with stereo headphones. 

This is because binaural beats, by definition, are actually two separate frequencies -- one played in the left ear, and one played in the right ear.

When these two frequencies are played simultaneously they create the "third" frequency, AKA the binaural beat. 

4. Give it at least 21 days.

Research has shown that it takes 21 days to form a new habit loop in the brain.

Be sure to listen consistently (20 minute sessions 2-3 times at least per day) before taking score of your results.

Taking score too soon will prevent your mind from maintaining the state of faith that is absolutely necessary in order for these tracks to be effective.

5. Don't play it too loud.

If you can make out the words being said in the track, your volume is too loud.

The purpose of subliminal affirmations is to bypass the filter of the conscious mind, which means you should not be able to consciously comprehend the words being spoken.

Don't worry -- your subconscious mind will get the message loud and clear. ☺︎