Chakras Subliminals

Sound & Soulful has a wide range of subliminals that work for various areas of your life. No matter what you are going through, you can find something here that will work for you at this point in your life. Subliminals are audio meditation tracks which go past the conscious mind to target the subconscious mind. They are made using spoken affirmations combined with other meditation sounds. Each subliminal will consist of one binaural beat frequency that is related to the change that is targeted by that certain track.

About Our Chakras Subliminals

Our Chakras Subliminals cover many areas of your chakras. If you believe in the energies of your body, this might be something you want to try. Our subliminals include crown chakra activation, solar plexus chakra activation, root chakra activation, chakra clearing, and many more. Try out these subliminals if you want to create change in your chakras.

Popular Chakras Subliminals to Choose from

  • Subliminal for Crown Chakra Activation

This subliminal includes binaural beats to activate and clear the crown chakra. 20 subliminal affirmations are found within the meditation sounds and frequencies so you can clear out the blocks of the crown chakra center. Open yourself to receiving inspiration at all times. Activate the crown chakra to its highest state and clear any blocks. Feel tremendous peace, calm, and power as you create your reality.

  • Subliminal for Solar Plexus Chakra Activation

Through this, you can clear any solar plexus chakra blockages. Deepen your inner sense of power and cultivate confidence from within. Feel more confident and secure in your relationships and release feelings of helplessness, indecisiveness, and insecurity. Build confidence to take on your goals and dreams. Develop a strong sense of self and the ability to trust others. Increase your motivation and energy in daily life. Improve your self-esteem more every single day. Build an aura that is strong, authentic, and unstoppable.

  • Subliminal for 7 Chakra Clearing

Clear the chakras in your body in this session to raise the vibration of your entire being. Clear resistance so you can manifest your desires in life. Brighten and clear your aura. Release blockages so you feel lighter and more confident.

  • Subliminal for 7 Chakra Twin Flame Clearing

Are you looking for a twin flame? With this, you can dissolve negative beliefs that are stopping your twin flame union. Resolve any insecurities and fears you might have regarding your twin flame. Become more confident and secure with your twin flame and deepen the energetic bond.


Why You Should Listen to Chakras Subliminals from Sound & Soulful?

Sound & Soulful has many kinds of subliminals for you to choose from so that you can evoke change in your subconscious mind. If you are looking to try listening to subliminals, this is the place for you. People who tried our subliminals will proudly say that they are pleased with how their relationships, energy levels, and lives have changed.

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