Manifest for Someone Else

Manifest for Someone Else [Music]
Manifest for Someone Else [Rain]
Manifest for Someone Else [Ocean]
Manifest for Someone Else [White Noise]
Manifest for Someone Else [Music]

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  1. I find it easy to manifest for others.
  2. I am a master at manifesting anything I desire.
  3. I am a powerful healer.
  4. I assist others in manifesting what they desire.
  5. All my wishes for others come true instantaneously.
  6. I am surrounded by love and light.
  7. I am always divinely protected and guided.
  8. I perfectly understand the law of attraction.
  9. I know everything about how the law of attraction works.
  10. I always apply my knowledge of the law of attraction in my daily life.
  11. I believe in my own manifestation power.
  12. I believe I am a powerful creative being.
  13. I create anything I want in life.
  14. Everything I desire manifests quickly and easily for me.
  15. The law of attraction always works perfectly for me.
  16. I am a powerful force for love and light on this planet.
  17. I uplift everyone around me.
  18. Others always feel better after speaking with me.
  19. I have a healing energy.
  20. I can manifest anything for others just by imagining it.
  21. I always successfully manifest for others.
  22. I manifest everything I want instantly.
  23. I manifest anything for others in a millisecond.
  24. The second I desire something, it becomes a reality.
  25. I have faith in the law of attraction.
  26. I speak and act with faith and confidence.
  27. I believe in myself and my own creative power.
  28. I have mastered the law of attraction.
  29. I release all negativity from my mind.
  30. I release all resistant energy from my body.
  31. My body is perfectly healed, whole and relaxed.
  32. I have a bright, beautiful and clear energy field.
  33. My energy attracts everything I desire in life.
  34. My thoughts are powerful.
  35. I always think positive thoughts.
  36. I envision the success I want to see in my life and in the lives of others.
  37. I am able to be, do or have anything I desire in life.
  38. I am completely in tune with my higher self.
  39. I think, speak and act as the best version of myself.
  40. I am confident and powerful.
  41. I easily communicate messages of love to others.
  42. I am able to radiate healing energy to anyone in an instant.


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