Powerful Subliminal for Ideal Skull, Forehead & Side Profile

This subliminal is designed to:

  • Flatten the skull to match your personal ideal
  • Cause facial features to become more elegant & delicate
  • Give you a beautiful side profile
  • Manifest your ideal facial structure
  • Give you the facial structure of a supermodel
  • Manifest your ideal forehead shape & size
  • Manifest your ideal side profile
  • Cause face to become extremely photogenic
  • Cause face to look amazing in all photos & videos
  • Allow you to receive endless compliments on your elegant facial features
  • Enhance the beauty of your face to supernatural levels
  • Amplify the attractiveness of every facial feature
  • Cause your face to look attractive from all angles 
  • Cause others to notice & admire your attractive side profile
  • Give your skull the perfect size and shape for your face
  • Increase your confidence about the appearance of your face & side profile
  • Get results you desire & are extremely happy about
  • Cause all positive results to be permanent
  • Induce deep and relaxing sleep after/during listening

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