Powerful Subliminal for Winning the Lottery

This subliminal is designed to:

  • release blockages preventing you from winning the lottery
  • have unshakeable faith that you can and will win the lottery, thereby manifesting that exact experience into your life
  • turn you into the "luckiest" person in the world as a result of deeply believing you are extremely lucky 
  • make you a lottery jackpot winner
  • open the floodgates for limitless amounts of unexpected money to flow into your life (some of which may currently be waiting for you right now)
  • release negative ideas about luck and odds that are keeping you from winning huge sums of money 
  • win huge amounts of money everywhere you go
  • become a magnet for all the wealth, money & abundance in the universe
  • step into a life of total opulence, luxury & mind-body-soul abundance
  • manifest the exact lottery win you visualize [Powerball, Megamillions, scratchoff, etc.]

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