Request a Custom Playlist

We are now accepting member requests for custom playlists. 

Please note that we may not be able to fulfill all requests due to a high volume of responses. We ask that members allow at least 5-7 days for processing and limit playlist requests to 1 per week [or 4 per month] maximum. 

You will receive your finished playlist as a unique personal link you can use to access your tracks. 

Email us at to make a request. Read the instructions below for more info on what to include in your email. 

Email Instructions:

1. List the subliminals you'd like on your playlist in the order you want them to play. Please use the exact name of the subliminal as listed on the site and let us know which of the background sounds you want [music, rain, ocean waves, white noise].

2. Be sure to include how long you want the playlist to loop for [8 hours maximum].

3. Make sure you're emailing us from the email associated with your account so we can verify your membership.