Thicker Thighs

Thicker Thighs [Meditation Music]
Thicker Thighs [Sleep Music]
Thicker Thighs [Rain]
Thicker Thighs [Ocean]
Thicker Thighs [White Noise]
Thicker Thighs [Meditation Music]

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  1. I have extremely thick thighs.
  2. My thighs are thick and sexy.
  3. I have super toned legs and thighs.
  4. I have strong, toned calves.
  5. I have extremely strong glute muscles.
  6. My glutes are thick and toned.
  7. My pelvis is perfectly positioned to support my thick thighs.
  8. I have beautiful thighs.
  9. I love and adore my thick thighs.
  10. I love having thick, sexy thighs.
  11. Others are always admiring my thick thighs.
  12. I have the most attractive thighs.
  13. My thighs are the ideal thickness.
  14. My thighs are the perfect, ideal size.
  15. I have thick thighs and a huge butt.
  16. I have an extremely tiny waistline and wide hips.
  17. I have thick thighs and a tiny waist.
  18. My waist gets smaller while my thighs get thicker.
  19. I have a tiny, toned waist.
  20. I notice my thighs looking thicker every day.
  21. My butt is perfectly toned.
  22. I have a huge, sexy butt.
  23. I have thick thighs, a tiny waist and a big round butt.
  24. My waist gets smaller as my butt and thighs get thicker.


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